The sound becomes a "MELODIE"

Every beautiful melody consists of the harmonious interplay of pleasing sounds. This is also true of the new "MELODIE" clay roofing tile from CREATON AG, which sets completely new standards of flexibility. With this smaller, lighter brother of the successful "SINFONIE" model, this premium producer has created a useful addition to its product range in the curved interlocking tile segment. Its trend-setting characteristics make "MELODIE" the ideal solution for all roofing requirements and the first choice, particularly in the monument and renovation field or in the design of smaller roof areas.

melodie_theme_01_e687890ae3Small – light – flexible

Size is not always most important. But inner qualities always are. And these are significant in the lightest and most flexible curved interlocking tile of its kind. With its unrivalled technical specification, such as the very pronounced interlock and gauge adjustment of approx. 35 mm – which greatly increases the already considerable flexibility of this small tile – "MELODIE" is bound to score with roofing tradesmen.

Lightweight and stormproof

With its low unit weight of approx. 3 kg and usage of approx. 14 pieces per m², this curved interlocking tile weighs only about 42 kg per m². This, in conjunction with the very large gauge adjustment, makes the roofing easy for the installer. But "MELODIE" offers even more. Because this curved interlocking tile lightweight ensures great storm resistance, despite its low weight. This is especially important, since this traditional tile shape is particularly popular in Northern Germany and Scandinavia, where wind load zones extend from 2 to 3 with 4 near the coast.

news_me_300_01Five tones for one "MELODIE"

This new roof tile star, which is in production at the home works of CREATON AG in Wertingen, is not only distinguished by "natural tone-setting" properties, but is also available in five traditional shades. The building owner has a choice of natural red, "NUANCE" copper red, slate or anthracite engobed and "FINESSE" black glazed. Not only is this "MELODIE" certain to be played in its main northern distribution areas in future, but will also ring out in other regions.